Ever so often, Adam Zalabany has the same dream. He's had it his whole life. A high pitched sound in the form of a shape amid a black landscape. Nearly formless and clearly formed. A circle or a sphere. A neon buzzing tightrope line. He says it less of a sound, less of a shape, more of a feeling being communicated to him. Zalabany describes his dream as a frequency. ​ His work is a peak behind a curtain. Glimpses of a memory. Slivers of a dream somewhere in the distance between planets and molecules. Macrocosms. Time... And it's abstract manifestations. Zalabany was born in Greater London, to English and Egyptian parents. A nomad, he left the United Kingdom after University and continues his process of discovery in Los Angeles. ​ From his first sketchbook to his home studio, Adam Zalabany has been dialing in on the subtle frequency between the cosmos and formless dreams.