Amine Rachad, known artistically as Âme In Love, was born in 1979 in Casablanca and has been an influential figure in new media art for over two decades. A self-taught artist, Rachad boasts a diverse creative practice and currently resides in Toulouse, France, working primarily from his studio at Lieu Commun, a renowned artist-run space.

Driven by his own artistic ambitions and various public and private commissions, Âme In Love has honed his expertise in video mapping, expanded his repertoire to include 3D animations, and ventured into the realm of generative Artificial Intelligence. Among his latest accomplishments was a commissioned piece for the 2022 Mediterranean Games opening ceremony in Oran. In this spectacular event, three sequences entirely designed by the artist were projected onto the ground and seven screens using advanced mapping techniques.

Âme In Love's artistry is characterized by its contemplative, hypnotic, illusionistic, poetic, and dreamlike nature. Continually inspired by cutting-edge developments in the digital sphere, he closely follows the work of leading digital artists from around the globe to enrich his own creative vision.