Ana Mangot

Spain - Germany - United Kingdom


In this "Living Portraits" 2020 project series, the aim was to take imagery resembling old scenarios from paintings and portraits and recreate them in a way that they'd not remain static, but express movement and emotion. Resourcing to videographers like Ashlie Aldiano and the perceptual sound design by Émotionnaire, together with diverse techniques and AI processing, the stills are taken frame by frame and transmuted from an old painting simil, to a scene that's totally alive but that retains its pictorial essence.

For many years, I've had a deep interest on exploring how the lines of perception between every different art medium are blurred, so it was important to embrace the imperfections of those rendering and performing mistakes, such as one would have to accept in a fully analog world, to improvise or make a feature out of such faults. This gives the project a lively property, which wouldn't be present if digital perfection would have been the aim.


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