Andreas Nicolas Fischer’s VOID VI is a series of three video pieces, created with a custom generative software that play with elements of colour, pattern, and surface and manipulate the illusion of the picture plane within his compositions. A swarm of particles moves over a surface leaving behind colourful traces, governed by an algorithm. Over time, this results in an abstract composition whose development is unpredictable.

Fischer and his algorithm reveal a deep dimension that is seemingly never-ending. This eternal quality reveals an intriguing contemplation on Fischer's part in terms of the role of the artist and his or her authority in the creation of new work. The software analyses a sequence of images using the colour values at their origin, which it then propagates like a brush spreading paint. The paths taken by the individual lines are influenced by deterministic randomness, which makes each image unique. After a predefined amount of time, a new colour composition becomes the source and all values defining shape and direction of the movement are renewed.


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