The Last Veil

Andrew Thomas Huang’s third work from the Interstice series overlays the frenzied motion of two binary screens featuring figures caught in a perpetual loop of violent unveiling from beneath repeated trains of fabric. These two screens are composited on top of a larger scene of the reprised pendulum lantern swinging in the dark. This metronomic thurible oscillates between the two looping screens featuring Flex dancer Slicc wrestling the obscuring silk veil over and over to infinity. The veil eventually wraps itself entirely around the dancer’s already camouflaged face as the final work in the trilogy sees him struggle to transcend this ritualistic rite of passage. The Last Veil mirrors an accompanying sculptural installation, in which the lantern is seen swinging from the ceiling between two HD television screens depicting the dancer caught in the act of perpetual unveiling, performing a dramatisation of duality and contradiction.

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