Andrew Crowe

London, United Kingdom

24 Hour Society

In today's hyper-connected society, modern communication technology has enabled us to be more productive and access more information faster than ever. As a result we are forced to live at an accelerated pace. We have less free time and mental space as our attention is continually drawn, occupied and distracted by the constant flow of media information.

24 Hour Society explores the trend of increasing media consumption by taking it to its logical conclusion. The work condenses 24 hours of television into a single minute, allowing a viewer to experience an entire day of television quickly and efficiently. The work liberates the viewer who is no longer constrained to sitting and passively watching a screen for hours, and can now have more time for other activities in their busy lives.

The result of the work is the whole day's television broadcast sliced into a thousand fragments, each displayed as an individual square. The sound is layered with the rising and falling of muddled voices, cheering and chattering from each of the screens. Overall, 24 Hour Society is an expression of the information overload we are experience today, and is a gesture towards liberation in a media saturated environment.

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