Auto-Monument #7

Auto-Monuments is a series of short videos created entirely on the iPhone. The artist composes forms and structures in various settings with the use of an app called Matter, and these creations are shared periodically on Instagram. For the Breeder Instagram project Plessas created a new series, using as a point-of-departure photos from his 2013 trip to the surrealist garden of Las Pozas in Mexico.

Whilst visiting Las Pozas Plessas organised and curated the 2nd edition of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood, an annual gathering of artists and writers. The Las Pozas garden is an area of few hundreds acres lying in a remote jungle enclosed by rivers and lagoons in the mountains of Mexico, and in the mid 20th century was a retreat for artists connected with the late-Surrealist movement.

Plessas claims, "once you enter this place, the relationship with reality changes instantly". The venue felt to Plessas like the physical incarnation of a retro-futuristic video-game, full of rich information and iconography. This iconography consists of numerous huge and mystical concrete structures that litter the park like abandoned monuments, gradually being absorbed back into the lush undergrowth. During these trips Angelo Plessas "scrolls" his iPhone photostream and inserts his looped animated forms - the so called Auto-Monuments - adding his own imaginative reading to the offline world.


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