Eyes and Flowers

Eyes and Flowers is a playful subversion of its own title. Disks with different black and white patterns spin like hypnotising eyes against a bright red backdrop. They increase in number and in size and slowly crowd the screen: as if a bed of black and white roses springs into the screen's foreground and blooms, taking control of the original image we see in order to transform it. The eyes become roses and vice versa, we can not be sure if we are watched or watching.

The composition of Eyes and Flowers is incredibly sophisticated in its simplicity: the viewer experiences a transformation of the work not only in visual arrangement but also in spatial effect: the more the eyes take over - the more the bed of roses blooms and blocks out the red backdrop - the more does the screen in front of us seem to expand in size. This combination of stark form and minimalist design, paired with familiar patterns and forms, is a central premise that underlies Plessas' work and makes Eyes and Flowers a perfect example of his oeuvre.

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