Thought Into Material

Thought Into Material is immediately recognizable as one of Angelo Plessas' works: the colors, shapes, movements, and the repetition's speed are all indicative of the artist's style. We see what one might refer to as the "Plessas lips" tilt and tip, set into motion by spinning black and white disks. The latter remind of eyeballs, at moments. However, the title informs us otherwise: Thought Into Material deals with questions of consumerism, materialism, and the logic surrounding these concepts in our contemporary age.

Plessas leaves open to interpretation whether the disks symbolize thoughts that tumble into the material reality of an individual - the mouth; or whether the "talking" lips produce thought into the martial world of the disks. However, this fact seems irrelevant given that much of Plessas' work is concerned with the openness and lack of finitude that characterizes virtual contemporary art. The internet allows a continuation of thought into material, and vice versa for material to influence thought - which turns the logic of ownership and materiality in a consumer world upside down.

Plessas: "The Internet is ongoing and fluid, it still keeps experimental aspects and opens new concepts all the time. Art history is still concerned with objects and the Internet is a space beyond objects, which, in consequence, challenges existing market models that still dominate the art world."

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