Annie Morris

London, United Kingdom

The Line

Annie Morris is known for the illustrative qualities and whimsical nature of her work. In The Line, Morris has filmed her drawings on three glass screens so that the viewer is able to see the physical nature and spontaneity of her work. The inspiration of The Line was an homage to Picasso, specifically the documentaries "Le mystère Picasso", (1956), directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot and Bezoekaan Picasso, (1949), directed by Paul Haesaerts. In both documentaries, Picasso is filmed painting canvases in a similar manner. The Line explores different compositions, repetitions, and illustrative motifs; one of the most consistent is that of the bird which relates to a childhood tragedy: a dear friend of Morris’s died - afterwards a bird flew into her room, a representation of his spirit.

The dark ink lines are complemented by the fluid splashes of watercolor, which lend themselves to the narrative elements of the work and add a slightly surreal quality. Although Morris's drawing is playful in nature, the thoughtfulness of the elements, movement and shadow of her hands across the screens is demonstrative of the depth and thought that goes into her work process.

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