Twilight Icosahedron

British-American multimedia artist Anthony James presents a new collection, Healing Waters. The new collection is made up of four works titled Sunset Icosahedron, Blaze Icosahedron, Twilight Icosahedron and Daylight Icosahedron. Known for monumental sculptures contemplating the physical and metaphysical, his three dimensional pythagorean geometric sculptures are made with a combination of cutting edge technology and centuries-old craft.

The ancient Greeks considered the icosahedron, a solid figure made of twenty triangular planes. to be the most beautiful shape in the family of Platonic Solids, representing the water element. This work depicts the form rotating over flowing, crimson liquid. James states, “We've finally entered the age of Aquarius, associated with electricity, technology, flight, democracy, freedom and humanitarianism. It’s associated with non-conformity, rebellion and philanthropy. The elegance of the icosahedron is a fitting analogy for this, depicting the simplicity of each concept as a plane, and as a whole representing the complexity of our times.”

Anthony James will donate all proceeds from the work to Doctors Without Borders.


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