Inner Flow

Inner Flow is a profound collection by Arttu Nieminen, exploring the depths of human emotion and consciousness through a series of abstract water landscapes. This collection consists of five compelling works: Balance, Harmony, Resonance, Dissonance, and Alteration.

Each piece within Inner Flow serves as an invitation to delve into inner emotional states, reflecting on themes such as empathy, existential anxiety, and trauma, while also celebrating moments of clarity and liberation. Nieminen's unique approach draws heavily from the natural world and his personal experiences with psychedelic journeys, where consciousness breathes and awakens to new realities. These journeys allow him to traverse mental landscapes filled with wonder, contemplation, and the sacred presence of the self and the universe, ultimately letting his selfhood dissolve into the cosmos.

The auditory experience accompanying each visual work is rooted in dark ambient music, crafted from bending cinematic sound effects and experimental manipulations, adding another layer of depth and immersion.

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