​​Arttu Nieminen is a media artist and film director based in Rovaniemi, Finland. Nieminen’s creative projects are deeply rooted in Arctic nature and the artist presents them with his unique style of horizontal symmetry and refined filming techniques using a drone and microscope. In Nieminen's video works and films, nature breathes hypnotically. They invite the viewers deep into the surreal dimensions and overwhelming beauty.

Living in the surroundings of Lappish nature has an indisputable impact on Nieminen’s works. Nieminen places emphasis on being concentrated on momentary being and presence in his creative process. Representing rather minimal elements, he aims to portray what he sees and experiences.

“Serenity, freedom, sense of space and force of nature is perpetually present. When the weather whips its cold blows, a tiny cabin on a mountain or by a lake emanates its presence stronger. This is a feeling of now that I enunciate through my work.”