Fury (Black Series I)

Recreation of Fury, of its power, in quietness. It is a violent movement of sheer strength that looks for walls to beat. Fury intended as a real state of being, but manifested in an ideal shape, without consequences.
It belongs to the Black Series, group of pieces of animation, portraits of feelings and basic impulses of the Human Being, intimate -because they come from solitude-, always arising from movement.
Movement is invisible without the subject that moves. I have chosen the cube as an actor for its special, concrete and stark aesthetic answer to light, bearer of volume and able to interpret a wide range of movements. Thus, the whole group shares maximum attention to movement and light.
The majority of the pieces are generated by code and could be exposed indefinite times without repeating the movements. They are shown, though, in relatively long cycles, most of them without exhibiting a clear start or end point.


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