Azamat Akhmadbaev (b.1991, Karachayevsk) is a visual artist who lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. He works across many disciplines including painting, photography, video and digital art. His artworks operates in the gap between glitch art, abstraction, minimalism and graphic art. Also he is a founder/editor-in-chief of dontpostme magazine - a magazine about contemporary art. Private collections in Russia, Spain, the USA, the UK and Poland.

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2020 Digital Decade: Special Edition Sedition, London, UK
2017 Errore Digitale Rome Art Week, NVMEN, Rome, IT
2017 Опережая время: XXII век Black Cube gallery, FLACON, Moscow, RU
2017 Errore Digitale x Villa Ada Incontra Il Mondo Manifesto delle Visioni Parallele Rome, IT
2017 Periferica Festival Manifesto della Visione Parallele Monterotondo, IT
2017 Pomezia Light Festival Manifesto della Visione Parallele Pomezia, IT
2016 Art Expo: Errore Digitale Manifesto delle Visioni Parallele and MONK Roma Rome, IT
2016 Future Late The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, UK
2016 London Dreaming (Tate x Uniqlo) Uniqlo flagship store, 311 Oxford Street, London, UK
2015 The Wrong (again) New Digital Art Biennale Seoul Embassy