End of the Earth

This painting moves me. I see in it so much more than the lines seem to color for the eyes. Even the title seems to deceive the viewer into believing that this is a depiction of the end, and that it is desolate and full of regret. But no. I see more.
The artist has displayed the apple, though mostly devoured, it is still full near the top and its seeds are in tact. Not only does the fruit contain the potential of an entire tree full of fruit, it is also many times larger than the humans depicted in the scene. Through this obscure relation it seems the artist has left hope as a possibility if the ones reaching down would but look up.
Though the colors feel drab in the landscape and even the sky, the fruit itself is full of vibrancy with a sense of crisp freshness. There is a chance for the Earth, if this scene is the moment of choice. For if the fruit is so disproportionate to the beings present, so too is the possibility that their tears might water the Earth as they find joy in realizing the lack of their previous understandings.
This painting speaks to me of as yet unseen hope that may only be revealed through a massive shift in perspective. I also see how the viewer too must be convinced to embrace the browns as beautiful in order to find possibility in the scene, and by so doing does the observer effect the painting and the outcome of the hungry ground feelers.
The artist perhaps draws this painting from the perspective of a lack in the world food supply and clean water,


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