Empreintes, study No.1

"Space melts like sand running through one’s fingers." Species of spaces, Georges Perec

Empreintes, study No.1 aims to reveal the immaterial qualities of the void.

Empreintes, study No.1 refers to an interactive installation called Empreintes. Through the tracking of their hands in motion, visitors create shapes in space. These marks evolve and warp as time goes by.

Empreintes takes snapshots of our movements and questions their remnants.
Is that possible to make our gestures tangible? How can an imprint of a gesture exist?

Empreintes plays with the space between private and public space. It invites visitors to go through the matter, to reflect themselves in it, to transcend it.

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Empreintes, study No.1by Béatrice Lartigue
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Empreintes, study No.1
Béatrice Lartigue
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February 20, 2018
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