At The Still Point

In T.S. Elliot’s poem Burnt Norton from the Four Quartets, the author writes “At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless, neither from nor towards,”. Ben McDonnell’s At The Still Point appears to visualise this duality by conceiving of a work that infinitely repeats itself whilst also remaining still. McDonnell’s reconstructed image of a rolling seascape is an exploration of the stillness of an image, the moment of indecision and the discourse between the potential and the happening. Within this framework of perpetual self-reflection the seascape becomes an unresolvable dialogue between land and sea, movement and lack of movement. The artist explains: “...through this work I am attempting to examine the quality of a ‘silenced’ relationship, as a campaign for silence. And just as there is a time for action, there is an equally a moment for prolonged silence.” At The Still Point is a video piece derived from a sculptural installation titled Dialogue/Boundary (2016).

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At The Still Pointby Ben McDonnell
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At The Still Point
Ben McDonnell
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May 21, 2018
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