Benjamin Asante from Basildon, Essex in the UK worked for MDC International in the 1980s as a designer after graduating from Accra Academy. He studied at the Open University whilst working as a graphic designer at MDC . He set up his own design company from his home in Basildon dealing in Fine Att, Lamp Design and manufacture. His designer lamps are a must for interior designers with Asante's unique designs with graphic art and natural products including wood, bamboo and ceramics. Most of these designer lamps are unique and you will not find them anywhere else. He has a wealth of photographic collections from his travels around the world including France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany in Europe, Senegal and Ghana in West Africa and China in the Far East. Some of his collection will soon be published with some to be made available for purchase from Sedition Art. His African roots can be conspicuously seen from his designs and artwork in general. He has several designs using Adinkra with its origin from the Akan people of West Africa. These designs represent concepts or aphorisms and they have meanings. They carry traditional wisdom, way of life, religion and the environment. Follow Benjamin Asante through a journey of ancient and modern art.