Audio Ballerina Solo: PEEPERS

Benoît Maubrey’s Audio Ballerinas Solo: PEEPERS features a dancer, Malin Hessen wearing an ‘audio tutu’ that enables her via light-to-frequency sensors to produce sounds through the interaction of her movements and the surrounding light. The tutu is a wearable electronic instrument which is also equipped with a digital sampler, contact microphone, movement sensor, MP3 player, and radio receiver which allows the dancers to work dynamically with the sounds, surfaces, and topographies of the space around them. The high-pitched synthesised noise of the PEEPERS solo piece fluctuates with the dancer's movement. Her movements are erratic yet precise as she experiments with both sound and gesture.

Audio Ballerinas was originally created in 1989 as a solar-powered tutu for the Festivals Les Arts au Soleil in Lille/ Aeronef. Since then, Maubrey has presented the work in numerous festivals internationally and has created a variety of site-specific solo and group choreographies.

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