Heat Dance (Heat Trails 1)

"Heat Dance (Heat Trails 1)" is the fifth edition from Benton C Bainbridge's series observing hot bodies in motion. Bainbridge shot himself from the overhead catwalk in an empty theater with thermal imaging technology. Later, Bainbridge reworked the video with software in his studio. Thermographic cameras see only differences in temperature. A transitory heat perimeter blurs the boundaries between dancer and space; slowly fading hot spots mark the impact of warm bodies on cool surfaces. Image Processing further dematerializes Bainbridge's movement. By observing the heat of moving bodies, the series offers a primal glimpse into the original visual music: dance. "Heat Dance (Heat Trails 1)" premiered 22 January, 2016, at Moving Pictures Gallery, NYC. Benton C Bainbridge: video and movement Thanks to Seek Thermal for the camera.
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Heat Dance (Heat Trails 1)by Benton C Bainbridge

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