BLAC (b. 1985, Seattle, WA) is a pseudonym for the Washington-based multimedia artist with a strong creative career background and fine art education.

BLAC holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Advertising from the Savannah College of Art and Design (2007). He is an AI collaborative artist whose work is typically presented in Surrealism and Post-Photography aesthetics, with a focus on spiritualism, ultra-consciousness, and existentialism. Starting in 2021, BLAC quickly became an international artist who established himself among the leading AI art practices in the Web3 ecosystem. BLAC also runs an Artist Incubator that provides workshops and keeps its growing online community up-to-date with cutting-edge developments in AI and their impact on the art world.

BLAC's artworks have been showcased internationally in physical locations in shows such as ”New York NOW” Oculus World Trade Center Live Exhibition with MAIF (NYC 2024), “HYPNOS,” Live Exhibition in front of Rome's National Gallery of Modern Art with Satyrus Meta Art (Rome, 2023); “SURREALISM,” World Trade Center Exhibition With Superchief (NYC 2023), “Réconciliation with the living” Exhibition with UNESCO + MuseumWeek (Lisbon, 2023); “AI Hackathon” NFC Lisbon, MakersPlace Live Event, (Lisbon, 2023); “Real Thoughts,” NFT Rome w/ Mecenate Fine Art Gallery (Rome, 2023); “100% AI* *ça n'existe pas,” NFT Factory (Paris, 2023); “LA Horror Show,” SuperChief LA Exhibition (LA, 2022) and “AI Is Freedom,” the Mecenate Fine Art Gallery (Rome, 2022).

Ever since he started integrating AI into his practice, BLAC has been very active in the Web3 Art & AI community, being invited to give talks in live events such as the AI Panel at SCOPE during Art Basel, Miami with Superchief (2023), “Artistic Expression through AI, and the Arrival of The New Renaissance” hosted by the CINECA [Consortium of 100+ Italian Universities & Research Centers] (2023), Mercedes’ Future Dimensions Podcast (Episode #7) “What If AI let us grow beyond ourselves” and Time Magazines’ Pieces Show, The Alpha, as a featured guest speaker.'s work has also been featured in NFTnow, Stable, Aguilar Art & NFT Magazine, and AI Art Weekly, to name just a few.