The Broken Toy Company is a collective with a twist. All the creatives live in one mind. Featured are: Dex Hannon, China 9, Evil Jesus, Dexuality Valentino - The Artists. Skin Vehicles, SkinGasm and DVEC, - The Musicians Dexuality Valentino - The Writer DJH - The Photographer. Dex Hannon is an award winning abstract expressionist who moves effortlessly between mediums of paint, digital, video, sound, and photography. DVEC are electronic musical pioneers travelling a different path, they have never met, nor spoken to each other, they even live on different continents, the music is made through email sent back and forth. Eunice is a Mexican American Artist living in Portland Oregon, Dexuality Valentino is based in the UK. The Skin Vehicles is, an experimental, electronic, psychedelic twister that is mostly instrumental. The sound is cinematic, this is the music for the film you haven't seen yet. 'Fine Art' in sound. Dexuality Valentino is about to release his first collection of short stories to the world.. He also creates super surreal psychedelic art DJH Photography has been featured in magazines and books and his photography can be found in Dex Hannons Digital remix artworks. China 9 and Evil Jesus are currently resting. But sometimes they come back when the situation arises.