BruceTheGoose is a digital artist who works in a wide range of styles and mediums; and very rarely releases creations that are not created as blockchain-supported tokenized digital assets. Bruce is quite rapidly becoming a well-recognized creator in the CryptoArt and NFT ecosystems; with a number of notable accolades including (but not limited to): - An Artist partnership with the $WHALE community since several weeks before the projects official announcement. - The first independent artist to create art for 'Wildcards'; a platform which sells collectibles representing a specific endangered animal, with the funds from the sales going to conservation programs supporting the aforementioned animals. - The first artist to have signed up for (and sold a time slot through) Microsponsors, whic in simple terms is a decentralized, blockchain powered time bank. - The second independent artist to run a promotional campaign with exclusive rewards in Grow Your Base. - Founder / Lead Organizer of Nifty Pride; which began as the world's first blockchaain powered Pride event, and has quite rapidly evolved into an educational and onboarding platform to bring LGBTQ+ creators into the digital art space, as well as a permanent VR art gallery to showcase those creators' talent. More information, as well as links to social media profiles and other projects BruceTheGoose has a hand in, can be found via