Can Büyükberber

San Francisco, CA

Noumenon 02

Noumenon 02 is part of Can Büyükberber’s new digital sculpture and animated artwork series Multiverse, an ongoing form experiment that emerges from the intersection of higher dimensional spaces, organic structures, physics and futurism. The hypnotic forms of the Multiverse project have been brought to varied public and private spaces as kinetic sculptures.

Noumenon 02 is one such form; a posited object that exists without sense or perception. In Kantian philosophy, the unknowable noumenon is often linked to the unknowable “thing-in-itself". Büyükberber’s speculative object changes continually and recursively. As the object transforms, it fluctuates in scale and structure, exploring vibrant geometries and temporalities. The object is precise yet obscure, ancient yet futuristic.

Evoking a sense of otherworldliness with its recursive transformations without a beginning or end, the Multiverse series consists of transcendental objects that are poetic audiovisual meditations, transforming in viewers mind from DNA strands to a black hole, with its intersecting nets of complex higher-dimensional geometries.

The Multiverse collection was developed as part of Büyükberber’s artist residency at Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, during which he explored the concept of Mediated Virtuality to form an interactive installation which combines virtual reality and 3D printed sculptures. The effect of the installation is to blur the sense of scale and presence in physical and digital environments, as well as blurring the distinction between the physical and the digital.

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Noumenon 02by Can Büyükberber

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