Spider Metamorphosis 88

Métiers d'Art Collection is an exclusive digital artwork collection by Can Büyükberber, created in collaboration with the not-for-profit organisation Literary Arts Foundation. This project marries the creative genius of Can Büyükberber with the celebrated artistry of Montblanc pens.

Büyükberber has conceived of a series of digital works that reflect the aesthetic and mood of Montblanc's renowned limited edition writing instruments.

For the Métiers d'Art Collection, Can Büyükberber reimagines the central themes, exquisite materials and use of form employed by the master craftsmen of Montblanc's atelier, and transforms these multidisciplinary artefacts into sculptural digital installations, each surrounded by their own unique atmosphere and architectural “metaverse”.

Spider Metamorphosis 88 speaks of the connection between words, weaving and writing through the imagery of a refulgent arachnid, rotating centre-stage in our field of view. The ancient symbol of the spider signifies patience, creativity and artistry. As the work unfolds, the spider slowly and patiently continues to weave its web, reflecting the weft and warp of words and language in the process of creative writing. The work is inspired by E. B. White's novel Charlotte's Web , the classic children's story which has the spider heroine as the protagonist. The writing on the wall in Spider Metamorphosis 88 is taken from E. B. White’s handwritten notes on web weaving.

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