Heatwave I

This is a new film, not previously exhibited anywhere. It is slow, meditative and reveals amazing detail of the way the water melts, melds and flows, carrying pigment with it.
Research for, and content, was made in July 2022, when temperatures soared to their highest ever on record in the UK. Knowing the extreme weather was coming, and being very interested in climate change, rising sea levels and flooding, I planned in advance. I stocked up with a range of ice-cubes impregnated with pigments from the South West region - Bideford Black from Devon; grey and red marl from Garden Cliff (I ground them myself).
I have created many works about, and with, the landscape of Garden Cliff. It formed during the Triassic Period, which preceded the biggest climate change time known, the Jurassic Period. When I go there, I imagine the future water-world. When hills become islands.
The high risk of flooding of the River Severn has captured my thinking in recent months. The earth is fragile, stones from the cliff crumble when lifted from the ground. It is hard to imagine that soon a huge swathe of landscape will soon be underwater.
In 1607 a tsunami travelled up the Bristol Channel and a drawing done at the time shows the areas it flooded, echoing scientific projections for future flooding. People and cattle were caught by surprise and drowned.
We know it is going to happen again. We need to act.
Beautiful drawings resulted from the process. And films.

Note: the film can be looped


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