100% Gray Coverage

Casey Reas’ 10 minutes digital video-piece 100% Gray Coverage, exclusively available on Sedition, was derived from Reas’ work Signal to Noise. The latter is a so-called collage engine, a programme that uses terrestrial television signals as raw material and transcribes them into visual footage. Reas: “Like early twentieth-century collages built from the media of that time, and (comparable to) mid 20th century video collage, Signal to Noise fractures and distorts contemporary information into new data structure”.

For 100% Gray Coverage, Reas developed a newer more evolved collage engine to create imagery: the video is completely abstract and moves at a rapid pace. However, rudiments of what remind the viewer of television images appear occasionally, and the speed with which animation and colour sequences change recalls quick channel-surfing. 100% Gray Coverage visually combines a familiar aesthetic of the modern age - television and the disruption or flicker of distorted signals or channels changed at high speeds - and contemporary computer generated animation.

Casey Reas created 100% Gray Coverage in conjunction with Infinite Command Team, both 10 minutes in length and interlinked, utilising the same collage engine.

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100% Gray Coverageby Casey Reas

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