Embodied within the kaleidoscopic tapestry of FUSION lies an artful exploration of the unseen, meticulously crafted by the cc2 collective. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic realm of nuclear fusion research conducted at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Munich, this project unveils a breathtaking symphony of perception.

By transmuting data sets from experiment No. 41417, the artists have masterfully distilled the sublimity of 2M Hertz down to an auditory spectrum within the realm of human hearing, capped at a mellifluous 20K Hertz. The essence of these findings is captured through an exquisite melange of musical elements, such as ethereal pitch, rhythmic cadence, and dynamic velocities, ultimately forging an auditory and visual experience that transports the viewer to the very core of a nucleus. In FUSION, we are invited to experience the dynamic expressions of a nucleus as it heats up for a plasma burst, immerse ourselves in the visual beauty of shifting magnetic field forces, and observe the behavior of the highly energized plasma state.

Through the ingenious use of coding techniques such as TouchDesigner, Python, and GLSL, the visual landscape of FUSION emerges as a surreal dreamscape. A rich auditory narrative, meticulously woven through the intricate processes of Supercollider, Granular Synthesis, and Analog synthesizers, ultimately reveals the underlying beauty and complexity of a scientific phenomenon typically shrouded from human perception.

FUSION serves as a compelling bridge between the worlds of science and art, gracefully unearthing the aesthetic potential of a microscopic process, and illuminating the boundless possibilities of creative exploration that lie at the intersection of these seemingly disparate domains.

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