cc2 is an artist duo hailing from Berlin, Germany. Over the past 12 years, they have been showcasing their audiovisual live performances at festivals and public events around the world. All of cc2's studio art works are rooted in the content of their live exhibitions.

cc2's works revolve around the bi-directional integration of sound and light frequencies. Each live performance features a unique composition of real-time generated visuals and sound waves, specifically tailored for the event. Multi-channel audio outputs generate graphical patterns and structures of light, interacting in a constant feedback loop with the visual processing.

During their performances, the audience, the architecture, and the surrounding environment become temporarily "wrapped" in atmospheric textures of light and sound, transforming into an immersive, unified scenery. This experience provides the audience with new possibilities for reflecting on time and space. As viewers witness sound and simultaneously listen to the projected images, a new dimension of perception and engagement with the location is created. The mind of the viewer/listener begins to visualize a sonic landscape, interacting with the event site in an entirely novel way.


2022 FUSION, Artprize (first prize Jury award, time-based category) Grand Rapids, MI, USA
2021 Borderless, Goethe Institut Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2020 Dronescaper, Köllnischer Park Berlin, Germany
2019 Shadow Maakt Licht Rembrandt Hommage, Leiden, the Netherlands
2019 “Prison Break“ 360 degree Berlin Projekt Tai Kwun, Hong Kong
2019 “Breathing Calligraphy“ Kitakyushu-Fukuoka, Japan