Plunge below the surface

Medium: painting, macro-photography, mixed media, digital

A new work inspired July 2018 by, Italian scientists that reported the discovery of a subglacial pond on Mars, below the surface of the southern polar, the first known stable body of water on the planet. Already exploring visual similarities Topographic-Photography and Astrophotography. Mount finalized this piece the day “Insight” landed on mars, Nov. 26, 2018.  Mount sees his creations reminiscent of celestial bodies, as visual interpretations of the interconnectivity throughout the entire universe, both know and unknown.

This image began as one still captured with high-resolution macro-photography of Mount’s kinetic process painting, choreographed compositions of pigment filled pools displaying a cosmic dance of sorts. This painting process Mount refers to as “Blooming Currents” is an ongoing exploration of traditional painting tools and techniques intermingled with a few digital tools that allow Mount to reveal new dimensions or movements from the work.


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