Blueballs of Hell

A dreamy drift through a fairy forest, footage taken in April 2021. (5'55")
With its somewhat misleading spooneristic title, Blueballs of Hell is a one-take soothing excursion over a carpet of bluebells in the heart of a Belgian beech forest. Not another human soul in sight, though all is clearly scaped and maintained man made; does this exist, out in the wild? Not unlike an intoxifying mycelium dream, a patient spectator is rewarded with an occasional glitch of the ever-changing same.
The soundtrack of Blueballs of Hell blends a tender guitar loop with forest field recordings, tremolo-heavy melody fragments and a binaural e-Bow drone ±741Hz. This frequency is said to awaken intuition and to encourage living a simpler, healthier, more aligned life. With a little conviction (…), why not.


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