Christo Guelov (Xto)

Madrid, Spain
Madrid based artist. He graduated in Graphic Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. After 20 years developing his creative and professional activities in the audio-visual industry and the multimedia design, His creative search is the “bridge” between the classic forms of artistic expressions and the New media ones. Winner as Art Director and Broadcast Designer on a numerous international Broadcast Design Awards including “Promax&BDA” and “New York TV Festival”. Light, Movement, Rhythm, Color... How do they change us? The only permanent element today is, a paradox indeed, change. Change has established as a rule in the world of visual communication. It is the art of the present. ART IN MOTION Separating concepts: things and events, immobility and mobility, time and timelessness, "to be" and "to become", the artist's focus is on the dimension of “Time”. The "temporary", the relativity, the recurrence of the time in the life cycles and the presence of geometry, are the target of his experiments and determine the nature of his works. URBAN ART The artistic initiatives of the multidisciplinary artist Christo Guelov are focused on the audio-visual media and the urban space as a whole. He aims to “humanize” the city environment and to offer the people a new artistic alternative, and unique point of view. More info in: