Green Screen

Green Screen is the first artwork of a three-part edition, created by Claudia Larcher exclusively for Sedition.

Green Screen from Claudia Larcher's series RGB Screens is an exploration of our relationship with nature in the digital age. In a collage-like composition, the work combines images and videos that capture both the beauty and the fragmentation of our environment.

In a time when our physical surroundings are often no longer as natural as they once were due to human interventions, Green Screen addresses the concept of preservation. It raises the question: What does it mean to preserve nature in an era of technology and digitization?

Through the use of multi-layered visual techniques, Larcher creates an experience that invites viewers to contemplate their own role in this ever-changing landscape. It is a compelling call to not forget our connection to nature and to recognize the importance of conservation and awareness in a digitally interconnected world.


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