Dark Continent

Dark Continent is a drone’s eye view of digital diaspora booby-traps laid out over a flattened, green-screen landscape that is reminiscent of the geographically “dark continents” visually described in vague maps of Asia, Africa and the Americas during the colonial conquest period. Freud borrowed the expression from the African colonist John Rowlands Stanley's description of the exploration of a dark forest- “virgin, hostile, impenetrable”. Comparing the adult woman's sexual life to an unknown continent; Freud’s conflicting views on male embarrassment, white guilt and explorer's curiosity apes the representation of minority bodies within Western art history.

Dark Continent is the Existing Conditions chapter from the City of Today for Feminine Urbanism. Founded in 2009, it is a masterplan for survival that proposes intimate solutions for urban scale problems. A dystopian hysteric fiction in the form of identity construction documents; each satirical performance, dissenting architecture and hacked ritual product implicates the viewer as a consumer and future builder. American mythology is critiqued against minority heirlooms where citizenship is performed, art is used, and architecture is a cultural logo. Coralina Rodriguez Meyer’s practice is a ménage-a-trois between public trauma, intimate memory and consumer history across media.

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