LA based Fine Artist and Multimedia Designer Cori Redstone makes paintings, sculptures, public projects, films and installations. Her happy, color saturated work is inspired by the pathological optimism codified into capitalist societies. Redstone grew up in Southwest Colorado and in Salt Lake City Utah. She left Utah in 2013 to pursue her masters degree. Redstone is a classically trained painter with a BFA from the University of Utah and an MFA from CalArts. Her work is heavily influenced by the landscapes of the American Southwest, conceptual art and semiotic theory. She has garnered critical attention for her intersectional environmental work and social practice as a human rights organizer. Her art work examines how personal and political choices are influenced by the subjective multiplicity of realities, induced identities and the role mass culture plays in consumptive hysteria . She often merges innovative technologies such as robotics and animation with more traditional art forms. Redstone’s work has been included in shows at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Aspen Art Museum and Springville Art Museum. She was awarded a Blue Mountain Artist Residency in 2012. Cori is also a published author and photographer. Her work is in a number of private and public collections across the United States. In 2016 she cofounded a multimedia design company, Redstone 4D specializing in public projects, product design, illustration and animation.