Envy - It starts in the womb, I want more

Craig’s works are refreshing and vibrant, much thought provoking with a dilettantish presence that will appeal to all.

Literally transferring the force of his inner thoughts onto the surface through graceful, continuous movements thinking beyond the canvas as if he was the audience himself.

The images are not necessarily about a particular person but we all can relate one way or another enabling an emotive empathy an instinctive human understanding. Challenging our ever-changing society today.

His work achieves a balance between a contemporary approach and a seductive, decorative aesthetic. He creates a canvas that is nourished by his love of psychology and how humans behave his works invite us into his beautiful designs and thought process presenting a great conversational piece or just a reflection on days gone by…

Craig’s paintings are primarily meant to be decorative otherwise they will be pretty pointless, he wants them to look nice on peoples walls to go on to have a life of there own.

His paintings are very personal to him and each has a very definitive reason to exist. Craig says, “Art is far too intellectualised, the Art that needs explaining is art that hasn’t done the job. Also don’t be intimidated by my Art enjoy it”

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