We are multidisciplinary artists deeply inspired by esotericism, mysticism, and the limitless world of science fiction. At our core, we chase transcendence, a driving force that fuels our artistic pursuits. Our collective mission is to unveil the hidden and the ethereal, making them tangible and immersive through a diverse array of mediums. Digital technology frequently empowers us to manifest our visions. Our art thrives on experimentation, navigating a tapestry of creative modes like imagery, sculpture, video, performance, and installation. Collaboration is the bedrock upon which we build, allowing us to expand upon one another's concepts. We also channel our innovation into experimental electronic music, crafting performances that transport audiences into atmospheric cinematic realms. These experiences are meticulously designed to provoke thought, encourage meditation, and evoke the essence of electronic psychedelia, where disparate concepts converge harmoniously in a dream-like, spiritual reality. Each of our improvised sets is a unique entity, a continuous evolution from the previous one. We have an inherent drive to introduce fresh sounds and instruments with each iteration, resulting in perpetual transformation. Live instruments and sound libraries undergo a metamorphic process through generative software and electronic hardware. These compositions often become integral components of our captivating live performances, enhancing the sensory journey for our audiences.