The artist is fascinated by colours and often combines unconventional, abstract forms into eye-catching, energy-filled compositions with a sense of harmony. He brings together distant, sometimes unrelated concepts in search of new and unexpected connections, seeking order in chaos. He creates Digital and AI Art by combining his professional skills and passion for modern technology with his love of art. Art is his hobby, a passion that began several years ago with his first paintings on canvas. At the same time, the artist began collecting unique works, images, and photographs in electronic format, which after years accumulated into a unique collage. This experience of interacting with an unlimited number of images from around the world, art, photography, and different epochs was crucial in awakening his imagination. It also gave rise to the philosophy he follows in his creative process - turn off your rational thinking and feel it. He presents his works under the pseudonym 'Cyph4rt' and is originally from Cracow, currently living in Prague. In his portfolio, he owns several collections.