Dave Greber

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

S.N.E.E.Z. (are you sure you want to clear history?)

This piece utilizes 80's-90's digital imagery and tropes to create an animated crest for a dubious organization, which by its very name, threatens to erase culture itself with an unconscious reaction.

"S.N.E.E.Z. (are you sure you want to clear history?)" is part of a series of multi/single channel videos, that I call Stasseo (a contraction of stained-glass-video). All of the movements in the video are contained within masked out shapes which remain stationary, throughout. This technique references other early back-illuminated works of art, which were limited to available sunlight passing through semi-transparent materials. This way of limiting the form of the video creates a contemplative viewer-experience, closer to that of looking at a painting, rather than a quickly edited montage.

This piece has been exhibited before as a three-channel video installation at The Front, in New Orleans, LA, USA. Documentation is available here: http://www.thesculpted.com/gr8-awakening


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