World riddle takes as its inspiration and source the work of Victorian biologist Ernst Haeckel. Besides being a early pioneering scientist Haeckel represented a powerful voice in the dissemination of Darwin's work and also coined the terms "ecology" and "stem cell". He is best known however for producing countless and unbelievably detailed drawings of never before seen microscopic life and consequently, he literally "blew the minds" of the Victorian world.

Drawing together, elements of Victorian science, etching, digital video, underwater recordings and ambient music my intention was to create an immersive installation that impacts on a modern audience at the same level as Haeckel's original work in the 1800's.

Design, concept and build by David Bickley
Music by David Bickley and Slavek Kwi
CGI, David Bickley
Additional build, Paul Cialis.
Special thanks to Ian McDonagh and the Cork County Arts Office for continued assistance and encouragement.

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