Heart Attack

David Choe’s Heart Attack brings a touch of levity to the artist’s video work. A film of an unknown figure clad in a heart-shaped costume dodging volleys of spheres, liquids and other missiles that are being launched at the character. In slow motion the smiling heart jumps back and forth avoiding the onslaught of miscellaneous objects including balls, toys, firecrackers, and coloured liquids. Backed against the wall the heart is literally under attack with nowhere to escape. The heart taunts his assailant as he dances unscathed through the attack and delights in victory over the anonymous perpetrator.

Heart Attack is a play on words and a comedic interpretation of the heart that defeats a violent attack from an unknown source. Partly metaphor, and partly an in-joke, Choe’s work is playful and mischievous and reminiscent of the schoolyard game, Dodgeball.

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Heart Attackby David Choe
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Heart Attack
David Choe
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February 24, 2018
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