As Above So Below - Megan Walch and David Pyefinch

"As Above So Below" explores metaphorical and material properties of paint and colour. The medium has been captured in-camera without digital manipulation as a vibrant romp through a spectrum of fluid, viscous and plastic properties. Paint is used as an analog for turbulent processes on a global and intimate scale where the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. We are held in suspense - between the making of form and the unravelling form… between collapse and coalescence.

The video is a collaboration between film-maker David Pyefinch and artist Megan Walch with an original soundtrack by Romanian composer Niki Phaser. This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts

David Pyefinch, director of Madfinch Pty. Ltd, is an established film maker and master storyteller. Megan Walch (BFA. MFA. Ph.D) is an established professional artist in the field of contemporary Tasmanian painting.

Pyefinch and Walch work in similar ways using dramatically different mediums. Pyefinch manipulates video in a textured and impressionistic manner, similar to the painted medium and Walch uses the painted medium to mimic digital moving images.

Claudiu D. Moga, known professionally as Niki N. Phaser, is a composer, music producer and sound designer from Alba Iulia, Romania.


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