The Fractal Heart | 60 Seconds To Midnight | A Contemplation Of Life

The Fractal Heart | 60 Seconds To Midnight is an invitation to reflect upon and contemplate death. What might it be like during the final minute of your earthly life? It is challenging to imagine that our time in this reality, in this present form, will one day cease to be. The heart will stop beating but is it really an end to all things? It is a Buddhist practice to reflect upon death in order to become present to the preciousness of life. Death may come at any moment. Learning to die before one dies can help in understanding non attachment to the ego construct in order to alleviate the suffering from being deeply attached. Not to be confused with detachment and non participation in life but to create an understanding that this reality is a dream and there is a greater experience beyond what the human mind can comprehend from within a body in a three dimensional world. This practice has been a salvation to me in being able to understand what it means to become present to my own life. 60 Seconds To Midnight is a reference to the famous "Doomsday Clock" that was moved forward to 100 seconds toward midnight in January 2020. It was created as a reminder of the likelihood of a global catastrophe. There doesn't appear to be much time left for human civilization as we now know it. Perhaps a collective shift in perception and a new conscious awareness is arising instead of a complete catastrophe. I feel much more hopeful and empowered when contemplating the former outcome.

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