Fields Of Hope

Derek Culley’s signature panels are euphoric celebrations of colour and pattern; captured from the medium of the iPad, the process behind the artist’s depiction of energy is revealed. In Fields of Hope, colours boldly emerge, planting and weaving themselves into multi-layered patterns. The abundance the artist creates could represent a crop of plants or an accumulation of debris. The disordered tapestry of colour and form is obliterated by a heavy,emphatic mass of colour, a soothing blanket of sky. Like firecrackers the uppermost threads of colour appear to sprout like shoots from a tangled landscape, while the twisted and contoured colours at the base appear to sink into the soil like the delicious debris of an aging glory. The lively more robust threads of pigment appear, for their animated endeavour, to seek the upper reaches of the sky, all of which makes for a thrilling encounter.


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