Homage To Tesla No.1

In Derek Culley’s Homage To Tesla No. 1 the artist pays tribute to the unrealised visions of Nikola Tesla by choreographing a frenzied interplay of forms and finishes. The animation reveals the mark-making decisions made by the artist, giving an insight into his process, while the chaotic nature of the colliding forms produces potential new forms and possibilities at every stage. A network of black dots and dashes punctuate an otherwise ticker-tape parade styled scene in which red, yellow, blue and black forms all vie for our attention. As the animation progresses, we can see the steps the artist took to bring to life, blur and cover up combinations of forms of varying degrees of irregularity. Chaotic flocks of marks interrupt more repetitive formations; the resulting effect is always lively, never crystallised. Within the work is the palpable possibility that everything is about to up and take flight from the coloured panel.


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