DocT is a multidisciplinary artist and a dedicated pediatrician based in Germany with years of experience working in the humanitarian and development sectors in various conflict zones. During his upbringing, his primary means of artistic expression were street art, writing, and later in life, photography. His art explores the intricate nuances of the human condition and is best described as anthropological neo-expressionism: a blend of art that explores human culture and behavior (anthropology) with a contemporary revival of an expressive, raw, and highly emotive style (neo-expressionism). DocT's process is comparable to that of a traditional collage artist; however, instead of using stock images or magazines and newspapers, he seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into his creations, resulting in a remarkable fusion of human imagination and technological innovation. He views AI tools as the most significant democratization of access to more complex visual expression in human history. His works have been exhibited internationally and have been collected by notable individuals, including Cozomo de' Medici, Claire Silver, Murat Pak, art pleb, Michael Hafftka, and many more. He engages with a continually expanding audience, and through his ever-growing social media presence, he interacts with a diverse global audience and has created a vibrant community around his work.