The Descent of Prometheus

In this portrayal of the Descent of Prometheus, the red staircase is a foreboding path, symbolizing both the ascent to enlightenment and the inevitable descent into hubris and downfall. Prometheus, the defiant figure striving downward, represents the audacious pursuit of knowledge that ultimately leads to his tragic demise.

The fiery winged figure, hovering above with luminous intensity, embodies both the light of knowledge and a chilling foreshadowing of Prometheus's gruesome fate. While it offers a beacon of hope, it also serves as a harbinger of the winged punishment that awaits him for daring to challenge the divine order.

Process and media:
DocT's works are the outcome of a specifically designed multi-step process, which includes the creation of a series of base images using a variety of AI and non-AI tools, the collage of the individual sections and pieces, followed by inpainting and comprehensive post-editing using Photoshop, Corel, and other editing tools. [Size: 8998 x 15996 px]


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