Doina Mihaela Iacob


Imaginarium 22-30

I felt attracted to the world of digital drawing from the very first moment - the ease with which you can put your ideas on virtual paper, the fact that you can delete, change or return to an idea without demolishing the construction of the entire drawing, the fact that you no longer feel constrained by the classic sizes of the canvases or the disposition of the colored mediums, everything comes to the aid of the artist and the act of creation which, this time, no longer feels constrained by the classic barriers.
The series of digital drawings inspired by invented, rebellious worlds first started as a form of personal relaxation and transformed, as time passed, into more than that. Even as a young child, I built my own world in which I took refuge from the daily noise and agitation - this is what I continue to do today, and, probably, until the end of my days: to retreat, from time to time, into a world in which I am the builder and I am also the tenant and in which I hope that the viewers will experience the same pleasant sensations.


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