Domenico Frisini

Bari (Italy)
Architect, visual artist and dreamer. I was born in 1954 in Gravina (Bari), Italy. I attended the High School of art in Bari, the Florence University for a Master's Degree of Architecture and the Domus Academy for Industrial Design in Milano. At the present time I live and work in Bari as garden architect and designer. In my art expression I worked with various "material" media as treated papers, canvas and wood. In 2001 I began also to use visual software for generative images and fractals and I am still exploring them. My work was exhibited in Bari, Florence and Rome galleries, from 1978 through 2015. I feel Art as a vehicle that allows you to explore inner freedom and to share it to other people. Every image carries an energy field that leads the observer to emotions or to a sense of stillness or something else beyond.